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    Update for 7/1/20


    The Utility is still monitoring the storage tank level with the demand still being higher than the supply throughout the day. Water conservation remains in effect, however, if you have a designated irrigation system you can water between the hours of 1am and 4am. Residents who manually water may start with an alternating schedule going forward. If your house number is even, you may water on Mondays and Wednesday’s after 7pm. If your house number is odd, you may water on Tuesdays and Thursdays after 7pm. At this time there is still no power washing and vehicle washing authorized throughout the borough. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience but at this time any excessive water usage on Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday’s remains an issue for the storage tank to keep up with the demand in the Borough. Please continue to monitor the official Borough Facebook page and website for any updates. 


    Frank Neuberger 

    Utility Foreman

    June 30, 2020


    The utility is still working with an outside contractor to locate any leaks throughout the system. However at this time all repairs have been completed. The Demand is still higher than the Supply, therefore a water advisory still needs to remain in place. Please continue to look for updates on the Borough of Bloomingdale Website as well as the official Bloomingdale Facebook page. We hope to lift some restrictions on Wednesday July 1, 2020, but that will depend on the system overnight.


    Frank Neuberger

    Utility Foreman

    June 27, 2020


    As you are aware, the Borough has had issues maintaining storage tank levels over the last number of days. The following is a summary of events to keep out residents updated.

    Saturday June 20, 2020 at approximately 2300 hours the storage tank located inside Star Lake Camp went into a low-level alarm. Pumps were confirmed to be operating properly BY BWS and PVWC.

    Sunday June 21, 2020 at 0800 the Utility along with the Boroughs Licensed Operator and an outside contractor set a plan to locate any leaks to assist in the high demand throughout the borough.

    Monday June 22, 2020 0600 BWS and FSC Leak detection commenced their search for all underground leaks. Finding two breaks. Ryerson Ave and Van Dam Ave both were repaired on Monday.

    Tuesday June 23, 2020 crews placed Loggers throughout the system which locates underground leaks. BWS worked through the night to confirm the loggers got good reading throughout the system.

    Wednesday June 24, 2020 crews were operating in the area of Pleasant view Ave and Reeve Ave at approximately 1700 hours we received word that PVWC had a failure of the current pump which was only running at half capacity the Storage tank dropped to ¼ of its capacity. The system was switched from the current pump to the back up pump. The Utility along with the Licensed Operator established a water advisory to conserve water. The utility contacted the Borough of Butler who Supplemented the system for approximately3-4 hours bringing the water tank to 32ft.

    Thursday June 25, 2020 The utility along with FSC dug two locations on Pleasant view Ave as well as Knolls Rd and Sunrise Ave.

    Friday June 26, 2020 FSC place additional loggers throughout town to locate any additional leaks throughout the system. As well as pinpointing current locations that have triggered the logger.

    Saturday June 27, 2020 Bloomingdales storage tank is currently holding at ¾ compacity however the pumps can only keep up with the current Demand. It is important to follow the current water advisory to confirm there is enough water for house hold usage as well as fire protection.

    We have spoken with the surrounding towns who are experiencing similar issues with the increase of demand with the lack of rain, high tempatures and residents home due to the Covid-19.

    The utility is looking into alternative ways to allow residents to accomplish there water irrigation by allowing watering by house numbers. Even numbers Mon, Wed, Fri and Odd numbers Tue, Thur, Sat. We will update you on Tuesday June 30, 2020.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing. Our crews are working around the clock to get the system back on line in order to lift the current conserve water advisory.


    Frank Neuberger

    Utility Foreman






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